CLIFTON, NJ - A cabinetry shop air compressor tank used in finishing exploded, seriously injuring a repairman working on it at Dey Woodworking, Clifton, NJ. OSHA is expected to investigate.

A repairman working on the air compressor March 17 lost part of his leg when the machine's air tank exploded, Deputy Fire Chief Kevin McCarthy told news.

“He was working on it, installing or changing a component,” McCarthy told the reporter. “The compressor tank exploded and the metal edge of the tank struck him in the leg.”

The explosion was severe enough that it blew out windows and damaged internal beams. Occupational Safety and Health Administration will aid in the investigation. Dust filled the air inside the woodshop, fully covering one employee, says

Dey Woodworking specializes in residential cabinetry. It's website notes it works with both custom built cabinetry and stock pre-built cabinets, using both American and European construction.

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