MALVERN, AR – Prime-Line Inc., a 17-year-old moulding and millwork manufacturer, is adding shifts as it readies gears up its newly built manufacturing plant in Malvern, AR.

Prime-Line produces medium- and light-density fiberboard moulding and millwork for Lowe's and Home Depot, among other national building materials dealers. It is Lowe’s single largest domestic supplier east of the Rocky Mountains.

Prime-Line saw a spike in demand, as building materials buyers sought new sources following the colossal fire at the Arauco plant in Chile in 2010.

Unable to keep up with demand, Prime-Line ran 24-hours a day throughout 2012 at its Jones Hill, AR plant, according to the Wall St. Journal, adding as much automated equipment as it could. Then in November 2013, Prime-Line announced it was investing $7.2 million in building a new, automated plant.

Founded in 1996, Prime-Line was ranked No. 1123 in the INC. Magazine 5000,which reported a 3-year growth rate of 373%. Revenue rose from $4.8 million in 2009 to $22.9 million in 2012.

Booming Prime-Line MDF Moulding Opens New Plant“For the past 18 months we have had to turn away business as we had sold all of our previous capacity during this time," said Brian Feeney, president and CEO of Prime-Line in announcing the new plant. "As a business owner, the most frustrating thing is having to turn away business knowing it is right there for the taking. It’s very exciting to open our doors for new business again.”

Prime-Line’s new manufacturing facility has the capacity for more than 2 million lineal feet of primed moulding per week. Incorporated in 1996, it has grown from six to 46 employees. The new plant will more than double the workforce, as Prime-Line adds three more shifts as business grows 10-15% over the next three years.

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