STANLEY, NC – A servo motor for the Blum Aventos touch-to-open lift system for upper cabinets won an ADEX Platinum award for design excellence.

Blum’s Servo-Drive for Cabinet Door Wins AwardServo-Drive, which has been available for Blum’s drawer systems for some time, was recently for lift doors to Blum's network of 150+ distributor locations.

A light touch of the door causes it to open upward,  and out of the way. A wireless switch, usually mounted at the bottom of the cabinet, activate the motor to close the door. The Servo-Drive makes the doors even more suitable for Universal Design.

Servo-Drive motors are attached to the Aventos lift mechanism without tools, and can share the same transformer used by Servo-Drive for drawers. Aventos with Servo-Drive was shown by Blum at KBIS 2013 last week.

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