ATLANTA – Biesse America came to the International Woodworking Machinery & Supply Fair (IWF) with an exhibit booth fully loaded with machinery not only designed to cater to various segments of the wood products market, but meant to sell.

John Mauro, vice president of sales for Biesse, said, “Our presence at this year’s IWF is a balancing act between high-end and entry level equipment. We brought machines to the show that we feel are most ready to sell because the economy is coming back.”

For example, Biesse is displaying the Rover J1530, an entry-level router that can nest parts from full sheets of composite panels or plastic. The machine was made in Biesse’s manufacturing plant in Inida, that it opened just over two years ago.

On the other end of the CNC nesting spectrum, Mauro pointed to the new Skill FT-G NBC (Nested Base Cell), which was selected as a finalist of the 2012 IWF Challengers Award. The Skill FT G CNC nesting cell, is a completely automated production cell for nested based manufacturing, including automatic labeling or labeling on-demand.

Also making its IWF debut is the Rover A, introduced at Ligna Hanover last year. It’s a machining center with five-axis router capability for shaping and sanding parts for cabinet door frames and inserts.

Examples of displaying a wide range of machines is also evident in Biesse's edgebander line. On the entry-level side are a pair of Spark edgebanders made at a factory in China that Biesse bought last year. On the high-end of straight-line edgebanders is the Biesse Roxyl,a flexible edgebander that can use thin tape, thick PVC, veneer or wood coils, HPL and solid wood strips up to 19mm. These edgebanders offer a full range of compositions with standard features such as PC Front end, exclusive “QMS” quick melt glue system, top belt hold-down, HSD precision motors, HSD ball screw servos and precision LINEAR guides on all working units. 

On the topic of panel saws, Mauro said, though not on display at the show, Biesse is now producing panel saws with twin pushers priced at about $110,000, about half of what was previously available from the company.

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