Ready-to-assemble pine wood sailboats and rowboat kits are now being manufactured the U.S. by Australian firm Balmain Boats. A Classic Rowboat kit includes 38 pre-cut Russian pine pieces accompanied by glue, nails, epoxy and screws.

The Classic kit yields an 8-foot, 120-lb. rowboat; the kit costs $1,610. Now manufactured in the U.S., the boat pieces are cut on CNC machines and delivered in four boxes with a 17-step instruction manual. "U.S. production is contracted to Vivo Brothers in Poland, OH," says Nicole Still, co-founder. "They do all the CNC cutting."

Balmain, founded in 2010 in Sydney, Australia by U.S. native Still and Australian designer Andrew Simpson, also sells kits for sailboats and will soon introduce a 16-foot BBCo Pilot. A video below shows the first prototype of the Pilot being assembled. The Pilot has more complex instructions with many more pieces.

Balmain Boat Co.'s U.S. business address is Henderson, NV near Las Vegas. Buyers are advised in basic wood assembly (dry-fit the boat before gluing; drill pilot holes for screws and nails, etc.). While finishing materials are not included, caulk and epoxy coatings are included.

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