LAS VEGAS - Authentic Pine Floors, a Locust Grove, GA wide plank flooring mill, has partnered with Robert Mondavi Jr. and Lydia Mondavi to launch Reserve Barrel, a limited edition interior wood floor collection reclaimed from Mondavi oak wine barrels.

"Winemaking families for generations have accented their homes with oak cask wood floors,” says Robert Mondavi. “I'm constantly amazed at the beauty and depth of penetration that the wines impart into the actual wood. After years of aging the wines, the oak flooring holds a piece of wine making history that we have now captured to share with generations to come.”

Authentic Pine Floors specializes in wide plank and reclaimed flooring, branded with its point of origin. The company has salvaged wood at sites around the country, including the Old Crow Distillery, American Tobacco plant, Coca-Cola, International Harvester, and a John Deere factory. In addition to reclaimed heart pine and oak, Authentic Pine Floors also mills American black walnut, yellow pine and other American hardwoods. It provides prefinished and site finished flooring, and also does staircase work and beam production.

Mike and Shelley McMurry, founded Authentic Pine Floors 

In the Mondavi venture announced today, flooring is made from French oak and recycled from barrel-heads used in the production of Mondavi wine, chosen at the end of each harvest.

"Mondavi personally selects wine casks with exceptional grain and rich color to create this rare oak barrel flooring collection," says Zach McMurray, owner of Authentic Pine Floors. At the mill, Authentic Pine Floors dismantles and mills each wine cask into flooring. 

The Mondavi flooring varies in color based on the varieties of grapes aged within the casks. One flooring collection, for example, made from Cabernet Sauvignon barrels, is affected by the years of barrel aging that wine requires. A small portion evaporates through the porous wood (known among vintners as the “angel’s share,”) drawing the rich, dark red wine's coloration into the wood grain, diffusing and imparting its signature color and patina. A Chardonnay Vintners Selection flooring picks up golden colors into the natural grains in the oak from the lighter grape.

"Beyond the beauty this will bring to the home, I am pleased with the fact that we are making a conscious decision to reclaim and repurpose this wood," says Robert Mondavi.

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