Argington Furniture Backs California Flammability Rule ChangeBOHEMIA, NY - Baby furniture manufacturer Argington says it strongly supports California Governor Jerry Brown's call for reducing or eliminating toxic flame retardant chemicals used in furniture.

"The standards that Governor Jerry Brown wants to change deal with California’s flammability standard dating back to the 1970’s," said Argington, quoting a report that says "many manufacturers apply his state's standard to furniture and baby products sold across the country. Federal and independent scientists say flame retardants added to meet the rule provide no meaningful protection from fires, and some of the chemicals are linked to cancer, neurological deficits, impaired fertility and developmental problems.”

Argington Furniture Backs California Flammability Rule ChangeArgington says its entire line of furniture is made from renewable and sustainably harvested solid birch wood and low VOC birch plywood that is FSC certified. The meet the E-Zero a global qualification that guarantees there is zero percent formaldehyde emissions in its wood products. And all materials, wood glues, stains and finishes are HAP free, 100 percent non-toxic and are low VOC.

Founders Jenny Argie and Andrew Thornton say their backgrounds in fine art and architecture have helped them to create Argington as a modern children‘s furniture company. Argington notes that the production facility where its furniture is manufactured employs lean manufacturing systems and techniques that reduce waste and energy, making it an energy efficient environment.

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