Cardell Cabinetry’s abrupt closing and lay off of 900 workers happened more than three months ago, but buzz about the San Antonio, TX-based company’s demise lingers.

Angst in Wake of Cardell Cabinetry’s Close & More Reader CommentsCardell Cabinetry's collapse was not only the most clicked story ever posted on Woodworking Network, it also elicited the most comments posted by readers: 18 directly to the story on and another 10 on Woodworking Network’s Facebook page.

The following three comments were posted right before and after Christmas and form a conversation thread between people on both sides of the Mississippi, including the spouse of a former Cardell Cabinetry employee.

Well buckle up cause China is coming with their raised panel, plywood interior, soft close dovetailed cabinet. Cardell was trying to compete with it. The flood gates are open and if we can’t get consumers to stop buying them and greedy Americans to stop selling them, this is the first of MANY to fall. Just like the American furniture industry in the eighties. STOP BUYING CHINESE!!!!! – Posted by Scott of Phoenix, AZ, on Dec. 18

I agree with you. My husband worked for the company and we sat down and wrote a letter to Cardell’s executives about the bad way that their job was done and even made suggestions on what to do to correct the issues but all went on deaf ears. – posted by Patricia Jamarillo of San Antonio, TX, on Dec. 27

We just finished a kitchen remodel with Cardell Cabinets. Our maple cabinets too are sub standard and we didn't know anything about the problems with Cardell or that the company is no longer in existence. Do you know if there is anything we can do about all the defects? Is there any kind of 'class action suit' going on? – Posted by Art Maciariello of New York on Dec. 28

The Affordable Health Care Act (aka Obamacare) is an extremely controversial and divisive law. An article about how Paul Downs Cabinetmakers has reduced its health care costs by 19% by embracing Obamacare has spurred several readers to comment, mostly negatively.

Paul Downs CabinetmakersMr. Downs seems to be promoting Obama Care. What would his cost be if we the taxpayers (not the government) weren't subsidizing his business? -- Posted on by Mike Kurth on Jan. 2

Several other readers jumped in on this matter on Facebook, most supporting Kurth’s opinion. A couple of examples:

There is a difference in "cost" and "price". As Glenn points out, the article fails to include information about deductibles and copay's. It would be interesting to know the "subsidy" amount. My guess is Mr. Downs and his employees will experience a higher overall cost of health care. -- Posted by Preston Davis of Planit Inc. on Jan. 2

Ah folks, this guy is saving this money because he is getting a government (taxpayer supported) handout. why should someone else have to pay for him and his employee's to get a better rate. there is someone who has to pay for this. It doesn't just come from the government! I am one of those people who does not want nor qualify for a government (taxpayer) handout. Quit making it sound it's something that is great for this country. Socialized medicine isn't free. someone like me who works his ass of has to pay for the freeloaders to get that discount! – Posted by Chris Fischer, owner/president of Fischer’s Furniture restoration service on Dec. 30

William Jeffrey Jones walnut guitarOn the lighter side, here’s a reader who really enjoyed the slide show and story about a mermaid-inspired, carved walnut electric guitar designed and crafted by sculptor William Jeffrey Jones.

Beautiful workmanship follows this fanciful design! Lovely instrument for a lucky musician! – Posted by Maj of Honolulu, HI, on Dec. 23

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