CHICAGO - Aircharge has developed a range of wireless charging systems that transmit pwoer to laptops, tablets and other devices, through a magnetic field. It is known as "inductive charging."

Wireless charging, an emerging technology, uses a magnetic field in the charger to transfer power to a receiver when placed on top. The receiver is embedded within the iPhone or tablet, or in one of  Aircharge's accessory cases.

When placed on top, using no cables, aircharge recharges the device's battery.

A member of the Wireless Power Consortium, Aircharge is working to  establish a single global standard for wireless charging that makes all wireless chargers compatible with all phones and battery operated products.

Built into an increasing number of Smartphones and tablets, (such as the Google Nexus 5 and 7)induuctive charging is also being added to automobiles, including all 2014 model  Mercedes-Benz's.

Aircharge products include a drop-in surface charger; designed to fit standard 80mm grommets the charger is retrofittable, and with the use of a standard 80mm drill piece can be easily applied to areas within the workplace such as reception / breakout areas.

Aircharge has also introduced the Koncept LED task lighting with aircharge wireless charging integrated into the base.

Our Z-Bar Mini LED light from Koncept now available with built in inductive charging,

Wirelessly charge your smartphone/tablet with the drop-in surface charger, retrofittable to 80mm grommets.

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