NUEVA ALDEA, CHILE - A wide-spreading forest fire destroyed Arauco's largest plywood plant earlier this week - See more at:

ARAUCO Rebuilds Plywood Plant after Devastating FireNUEVA ALDEA, CHILE - ARAUCO has resumed plywood operations at its Nueva Aldea Industrial Forestry Complex plant approximately two years after a devastating forest fire destroyed the facility.

ARAUCO invested approximately $190 million to rebuild the new plywood mill, which will have an annual production capacity of 350,000 cubic meters. The company said products will be targeted for export, with annual sales projected at $100 million.

ARAUCO Rebuilds Plywood Plant after Devastating Fire“We are very proud to re-inaugurate this mill and fulfill the commitment we acquired a few days after the fire. This mill represents an important source of employment and with its start-up we expect to continue leading the way in international markets, always taking the challenge to grow well," ARAUCO COO Cristián Infante said in a statement.

Approximately 660 people will be employed at the plant.

Headquartered in Santiago, Chile, the company is among the largest global producers of composite panels. ARAUCO's North American presence grew significantly following its 2012 acquisitions of Uniboard's particleboard, MDF and TFM complex in Moncure, NC, and Flakeboard's seven particleboard and MDF mills located in Canada and the United States. The eight mills operate under the Flakeboard name, by the Flakeboard management team.

Located in Atlanta, GA, ARAUCO USA is the sales and service office for AraucoPly, TruChoice Arauco Millwork, Trupan MDF and Durolac hardboard brands, as well as for ARAUCO lumber and pulp products.

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