Wurth Louis & Company Offers Woodworking Customers Online BillingBREA, CA - Wurth Louis and Company, a distributor of woodworking supplies, accessories and equipment, is partnering with Billtrust to offer its customers online invoice and payment options for their orders.

Woodworking customers of Wurth Louis and Company can receive their bills via email and pay them electronically through Billtrust's secured online payment system. In the first six months since making this option available, Wurth Louis says 35% of its customers have made the switch.

“We know that not every customer will," said Wurth Louis Controller Vangie de Guzman. "But we’ve set a target of roughly 70% and we think we’ll get there.

“Online billing and payment is good for everyone," de Guzman added. "For us it improves our cash flow and lowers paper, printing and mailing costs - and for our customers it offers empowerment.”

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