Which U.S. cities have the most cabinetmakers and bench carpenters? Dallas tops the list, with Los Angeles a close second.

It's true that woodworkers gravitate to areas with greater population density. But that is just one part of the equation. Local market conditions also have an impact on whether woodworkers congregate in an area. For example, consumer and local architectural design trends may favor cabinetry over other interior design approaches. 

Fast growing Florida shows a plentiful distribution of cabinetmakers and bench carpenters on the state map. But neither Miami nor any other Florida city shows up in the top list of states for woodworkers - even though Jacksonville is the 12th largest city in the U.S.

Likewise fast-growing Phoenix, the nation's 6th largest city - except for woodworking. The same goes forr the whole state of Arizona, not listed in the top woodworking states. 

Angie's List, meanwhile, has a sightly different take on the largest cities for cabinet makers. Its numbers are higher than those of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, from which the tables are drawn.

Of the businesses it lists as cabinet makers - which includes at least some non-manufacturing cabinet designers - Angie's List also provides a corresponding number that are regarded as "Top Rated" cabinet makers based on reviews by its members.

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