Where Did You Hone Your Woodworking Skills?
November 9, 2013 | 2:02 pm CST
WWN Poll: How's Your Wood Business Doing?

Woodworking comes more naturally for some than others. Just as some people have a predilection to more easily learn a second language, play the piano or hit a baseball, some folks discover that they have a natural-born talent to create wonderful things out of wood.

But even the greatest linguist, concert pianist or Hall of Famer had to sharpen their skills through practice, practice and more practice to stay at the top of his or her class.

Which leads to the latest Woodworking Network poll question:  Where did you hone your woodworking skills? Garage? Basement? High School Wood Shop?

Take a moment to answer our poll and provide a brief comment that sheds additional insight on the launch of your career.

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