Underwater Timber Firm Launches New Website
February 9, 2015 | 5:11 pm CST
Hollund Industrial Marine

BLAINE, WA -- Hollund Industrial Marine, underwater forest management firm, announced that it is re-launching its website to market approximately 20 species of tropical underwater wood including cumaru, santos mahogany, macawood, tigerwood, purpleheart, zapatero and espave.

Through its partnership with Bayano Lake Wood Products, which is harvesting approximately 4,000 board feet per day at its operation in Lake Bayano in Panama, Hollund has built up ample inventory to feed consumer demand.

"We have begun receiving inbound sales inquiries regarding timber samples and online pictorial examples, of the hardwoods harvested at Lake Bayano," stated Peter Meier, President of Hollund. "This, in part, caused our communications team to engage in a focused effort to re-launch the website and overhaul our image and online presence."

Hollund offers an integrated business model for underwater forest management and its services include resource and needs assessment, permitting, environmental and project planning, logging, milling, product branding and sales adds value for its shareholders.

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