Stanley Nailing Hammer Designed Reduce Handle Vibration
July 21, 2014 | 2:46 pm CDT

NEW BRITAIN, CT — Stanley is aiming to reduce handle vibrations during trim and moulding installation with its new 14-oz FatMax Anti-Vibe nailing hammer. The company says the two-piece steel core is designed to isolate vibration in the head of the hammer, rather than transferring shock to the user.

In addition to the two-piece steel core, the hammer features several layers of dampening materials and a shock-absorbing collar. A layer of black, exposed steel also surrounds the handle just underneath the head of the hammer. In the event of over-strikes, the black steel hilt is designed to prevent damage to the hammer body.

“This new iteration of Anti-Vibe technology has built upon a decade of engineering. These new Hammers and Sledge Hammers are our best yet," says Christopher Woolley, vice president of innovation.

A 17-oz FatMax Anti-Vibe framing hammer is also available with a magnetic nail starter on the head and a checkered-face design to grab nail heads when striking. 

Both hammers are available at mass retailers, home centers, and in the independent channel. The 14-oz nailing hammer retails for approximately $34.99 and the 17-oz Framing Hammer retails for approximately $39.99.

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