SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA - Accuride announces the Crash & Smash Demolition Derby, a new competition added to the BSRA National Championship Belt Sander Race event set for July 25 at the AWFS Fair in Las Vegas. The festivities begin at 4:00 p.m. in the convention center’s Central Hall, booth #9746.

“This year’s BSRA event is going to be a wild one,” says BSRA president and Accuride representative Jamie Goodwin, “In addition to the national championship races, we’re planning destruction of epic proportions with the all new Crash & Smash Demolition Derby.”

Participants with sacrificial sanders are invited to participate in the head-on “Crash” segment or the “Smash” segment, where sanders will careen into a post specially designed to cause sanders to break apart. Contestants will earn prizes, with the most spectacular crash taking home a special trophy.

“The further the parts fly, the better,” says Goodwin. “Bring your old beater sander that’s on its last legs and send it off in a smash of glory. It’s going to be stupid-crazy fun.”

Demolition-minded woodworkers can enter the contest here.

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