NEW YORK - At the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) held in New York City the SCM GROUP presented design students, furniture designers and manufacturers with a hands-on opportunity to see the fusion of advanced woodworking technology and hand craftsmanship in action with “I Wood Like.”

SCM collaborated with FederlegnoArredo, the Italian federation of companies involved in the transformation of wood and its derivatives, and Culturalegno, a cultural association that promotes the culture of wood and traditional, handcrafted and artistic woodworking, to demonstratehow the 3D design software, advanced woodworking technology and handcraft can be used together totransform wood into innovative finished products.

During the event SCM GROUP showcased how the “Vaulted Table” an innovative “table/sculpture” designed by the London-based Bloomlab Architecture & Design was created using computational design and digital fabrication techniques.Although the table looks like a hand modeled sculpture, the table structure is based on the use of “dynamic relaxation” form-finding software that generates 3D structures where all forces are in equilibrium.

According to Max Salmi, Marketing Operation Manager for SCM “a primary focus of the “I Wood Like” exhibit is to demonstrate the ease with which designs can be transferred from a variety of popular 3D design software applications to the SCMTECH Z5 machining system for production. The technological heart of the TECH Z5 is the patented "Prisma 5" 5-axis machining head that allows overall dimensions to be minimized in all machining directions with maximum flexibility and effectiveness.

Don Carli is the founder and CEO of marketing research company Nima Hunter.

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