LOS ANGELES - Animal Planet's new series, "Redwood Kings" will feature a team of woodworkers, designers, and engineers who salvage fallen redwood trees to create custom treehouses and chainsaw sculptures, along with themed facades and interiors.

Brothers Ron and John Daniels, of Daniels Wood Land in Paso Robles, CA, will star in the Friday-night series beginning August 1 at 9pm/ET. In each episode, the woodworkers and their 40 crewmembers will uncover 3,000-year-old trunks, stumps and burls from the understory of the redwood forest to create their custom projects.

Their work will be new to many viewers. Others may already be familiar with the interiors and facades they have installed at restaurants and theme parks throughout California. The first episodes, Animal Planet says, will feature projects such as a working gold rush stamping mill, and a nine-room interactive theatrical experience in San Francisco's historic Fisherman’s Wharf.

With each design featuring massive stumps and crosscuts, it is likely the crew will highlight the unique character and history of the redwoods, along with the challenges of working with wood that has been seasoned by the elements for decades.

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