Kyle Toth’s prowess as a woodworker can be seen in a portfolio that ranges from custom cabinets, dining tables, and Windsor chairs, to beer tap handles, segmented wooden vases, and electric guitars.

At 23, he operates the company Wood By Kyle Toth, crafting both furniture and wooden sculptural art. Clients commission Toth to restore pieces and build custom items, and he also works from his own design ideas to craft pieces that can either satisfy a functional need in the home or be enjoyed as a rare object of beauty.

A graduate of the Cabinet and Furniture program at the North Bennett Street School in Boston, Toth was among only 12 students selected from across the U.S. for the program.

His craftsmanship has since been featured in the Providence Art Show and at Boston’s World Trade Center Furniture Show, as well as approximately 150 bars and restaurants throughout Southern California, in custom tap handles he crafted for Temecula’s Refuge Brewery. He also has a portfolio of fine crafted furniture at

The focus on both beauty and functionality can be seen in designs such as his foldable table—which converts from a 46x32” to 7x32” for utilizing valuable space in the home. The table is crafted from red oak.

Toth’s philosophy is that the choice of wood, grain, and texture are integral to the overall aesthetic of the finished form. While restoring a cedar chest recently, Kyle wrapped the piece in sapele mahogany and inlayed a 16-point mariner star on the lid with white oak and birdseye maple.

He also shapes his own versions of common items with extraordinary detail. While creating an electric guitar body, he used a birdseye redwood burl harvested nearly 30 years ago. When he makes baseball bats, he assembles upwards of 800 pieces of wood such as maple and bloodwood. The end result is so ornate that it might only be suitable for a game if the pitcher was lobbing Faberge eggs over the plate.

To view more examples of Kyle Toth’s work, visit his website and Facebook page.

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