Hand-carved interior wood millwork, oak panels, and fine custom cabinetry were among the many highlights of the 2014 US Open at Pinehurst Golf Course.

An historic 1918 Roamer passenger railcar, which carried many golfers to the Pinehurst in the 1930's, had been meticulously restored by The Aberdeen Carolina & Western Railway Company. Robert Menzies, president and owner of the ACWR, noted that the cars were showcased to promote economic development and job creation in North Carolina.

"The finest engineers and designers all came together and created this, and that's a great testament to our culture," noted Todd Jorgensen, a fine arts conservator on the restoration team.

To restore the car, the ACWR required an equally skilled team of finishers and furniture restoration experts.

"You could not see any of the wood. It was completely black," Jorgensen added.

While the hand-carved oak leaves and finely polished wood surfaces had once been deigned suitable for dignitaries like the King of England and Dwight D. Eisenhower, the car had since been decomissioned. The restoration team found it in Portland, Oregon.

Their dedication, craftsmanship, and attention to detail went on display near the Pinehurst Clubhouse, overlooking the tournament driving range. Attendees such as current and potential freight customers and economic development partners, were able to tour the cars.

The ACWR is hopeful the event will lead to job development and economic growth in the industry. At its new locomotive and railcar repair facility located in Candor, NC. The company aims to continue its restoration efforts with additional historic railcars.

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