Custom Wood Shop, Gunstock Plus, Destroyed in FireREILLY TOWNSHIP, OH -- Gunstock Plus, a custom wood shop which crafted wood gunstock for rifles, was destroyed by fire on Aug. 23.

Shop owner Vigil Otto told local reporters that the fire totally devastated his small woodworking business with the destruction of not only the building but the assortment of hand tools he'd collected over the past 40 years.

Custom Wood Shop, Gunstock Plus, Destroyed in Fire"Lots of equipment gone. 40 plus years of accumulation, personal hand tools and things that I made a living with so It's a loss, but they're material things," Otto said to Fox 19.

Otto's shop, which fabricated premium wood products, carvings and accessories for builders of muzzle-loading rifles as well as some custom furniture pieces, is closed indefinitely.

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