GRAND RAPIDS, MI - GR Makers, a shared makerspace for woodworkers and other artisans of various experience levels, will host an open house 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Saturday, June 28.

GR Makers June 28 Open House to Celebrate ExpansionThe open house will showcase a recent 5,000-square-foot expansion and addition of a new G. Weik 150-amp laser cutter and CubeX 3D printer.

GR Makers is located at 401 Hall St. SW, Suite 185, Grand Rapids. The makerspace was the subject of a recent guest blog authored by artist Sam Bleckley, who writes how he has taken full advantage of the woodworking equipment and tools available at GR Makers.

The open house is meant to give attendees a taste of what GR Makers has to offer. It will feature activities for people of all ages and a "virtual science fair of projects" produced at the community workshop.

For more informatiion, contact Mallory Bartz at [email protected], phone 616-475-4225 or visit

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