NEW YORK – Areaware says its pop art beechwood target, plywood playing cards, and transforming wood action figures will be among the offerings it brings to the home and lifestyle showcase, NY NOW, on February 2 – 6. Areaware, a Brooklyn, NY-based toy and gift producer, will unveil its 2014 spring collection of wood products at the show.

Among the new products, Areaware will highlight the Key Target by Bower, a Brooklyn design team. The pop-art inspired target is crafted from beech wood and equipped with strong magnets to catch easy-to-misplace items like keys and paper clips.

Areaware will also showcase a set of birch Plywood Playing Cards from industrial designer Donald Corey. In addition to bearing suits and numbers with Mid-Century design, the cards are designed with interlocking slots so they may be stacked into complex card structures.

Other launches include the complex, beech wood Cubebot puzzle figures. The Cubebots are held together with elastic bands, which allow for added flexibility and possibility when transitioning the playful puzzle from cube form to robot form.

“Our customers have always told us that they love the tactile, organic nature of wood products, so it felt so right to continue to work with our artists to bring to our audience more items in that medium,” notes Noel Wiggins, Areaware president.

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