DAYTON, NJ -- Home storage and laundry products wholesaler Kennedy International is part of a growing group of companies lodging complaints with for shipping knock-off or imitation products to customers, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The mix-up is due in part to how Amazon stores inventory, the paper said. The use of a commingling process to stock similar products allows items from suppliers and third-party sellers to be stocked together. Although this process saves warehouse space and provides flexibility for Amazon, it also increases the likelihood of knock-off or imitation products being shipped instead of the name brand.

Ralph Nasar, licensing and marketing director for Kennedy International told the Journal that the company had notified Amazon "multiple times" about imitation products being sold. "A few authorized distributors of the items sell on Amazon, but some sellers are offering counterfeit merchandise that is being commingled with the real products in Amazon's warehouses," he said in the article.

Kennedy International, a wholesale company since 1996, sells numerous products from laundry, bath kitchen to organization products, home decor and more. The company has two showrooms locations -- Dayton, NJ and New York and has more than 8,000 items in its product lines.

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