NEW ORLEANS, LA – Professional organizer and designer Amanda LeBlanc, founder of The Amandas, opened up a new location in New Orleans last November.

The Amandas Organizing and Closets officially opened in New Orleans on Monday, November 4 and Erin Schmidt, an associate of the company, will be store manager for the location.

“New Orleans is my home. After Hurricane Katrina, it was important to me to continue providing organizational services to my clients in the area," LeBlanc says. "We are excited to further expand these services with a store focused on organizational products for your home and office."

LeBlanc originally started her firm in New Orleans in 2003 but moved to Birmingham, AL, in 2005 in the wake of the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina, making the decision to start over and build her business there. Known for her appearances on national and local TV, including her own show "The Amandas," which ran on Style Network, LeBlanc is also a spokesperson Organized Living.

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