PALO ALTO, CA – Home owner demand for more flexible storage options and blended rooms remain a consistent and popular trend as well as soft and neutral color schemes, according to a brand new study from Houzz.

Contributing factors include smaller footprint homes and an aging population, which makes flexibility and accessibility a key design request. Also, interior designers are looking at creating multi-functional areas, for instance combining kitchen space with expanded pantry storage, a recycling center or by integrating it with the living room.

In the Fall Houzz Kitchen Remodeling Study, nearly 77% of respondents say they plan to open their kitchens into other rooms and 61% plan to incorporate a kitchen island, increasing storage options.

Additional study findings include:

  • Younger homeowners favor contemporary kitchen designs
  • Ninety-four percent plan to change their countertops and granite and quartz are top requests
  • "Soft and neutral" color schemes are most popular
  • Hardwood (35%) and tile (32%) are top choices for flooring
  • Approximately 50% prefer a tile backsplash
  • Nearly half of respondents cite eco-friendly materials as important

Houzz, an online web site and mobile app for design and remodeling, surveyed more than 7,500 users -- 68% of respondents have not yet started their kitchen remodeling plans while 32% have already begun construction.

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