FAR ROCKAWAY, NY -- Empire Closets is one of several local sponsors of episodes one and two of the second season of the web series Retire My Room, an interior design makeover show aimed at senior citizens. Retire My Room will work with the charities St. Bernard Project and Friends of Rockaway to remodel rooms of two families whose homes were damaged in Hurricane Sandy.

“Living spaces are an important contributor to overall quality of life, especially as we get older,” said Retire My Room host and creator AlgeRita Wynn. “Retire My Room works with retired seniors who want to freshen up a space inside their home. The series has a humanitarian perspective: we perform all of our expert makeovers and there are no economical restrictions on who can receive our services. In the aftermath of disaster, it’s important to recapture a sense of normalcy as soon as possible. In its own way, Retire My Room is helping to do just that.”

Additional local sponsors besides Empire Closets include Fantasy Interior Decorating, Bone and Paper and Brown's Hardware.

New episodes of the web series are scheduled to air in July. Wynn, an actress and producer, has been has appeared in a number of T.V. and feature films including: The Office, Mad Men, Parenthood, Crazy Stupid Love and Beginners.

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