Closet storage specialists Diane and Danny Nagasaki (Arrow Hanger) have invented, patented, trademarked and produced InstaHANGER, a collapsible wall mounted clothes storage system.

According to the Nagasaki's, many designs were tested before the couple decided that a triangular shape would best suit the invention. Its shape allows it to hold up to 50 lbs worth of clothes.

While InstaHANGER's come in individual hanger holders, they can easily be combined to build more storage space. They can even be purchased in a two InstaHANGER set called QuickCLOSET that also includes an adjustable telescopic hanging rod.

Designed to double as art pieces when not in use, there are varieties of InstaHANGER, all made of pine: Lotus Leaf, Country Classic and Picture Perfect. Lotus Leaf and Country Class both have distinctive designs on the panel, while Picture Perfect, which comes in a variety of colors, has mini-frames to fit small pictures.

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