MARION, IN - Advanced Cabinet Systems is introducing Social Office, a non-traditional cubicle line.

Developed as a next-generation cubicle for office workers, Social Office features three workspaces, choice of four finishes, and power column for electrical drop from the ceiling.

Each workspace also features a CPU cabinet, two storage cubbies, one locking cabinet, and one bench available in multiple colors with one file drawer and two box drawers underneath.

“The inclusion of an integrated bench will invite employees to have impromptu meetings and help to make work fun,” says Vice President Whitney Bowers Pyle. “Social Office promotes a social environment for increased productivity,” Bowers adds.

Advanced Cabinet Systems describes Social office as a “Web of Connectivity,” noting that it can be utilized as a stand-alone unit, connected together, or set up against a wall.

Social Office is available for purchase online at, eBay, and other outlets.

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