In February, the Association of Closets & Storage Professionals Board commissioned an exploratory committee to investigate having a fall retreat in Savannah. Then a great opportunity presented itself and the retreat was put on the back burner.

As some of you may have heard, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) are co-locating their annual shows together in Las Vegas in February 2014.

They have requested ACSP to co-sponsor the event and asked us to present a program to educate builders about closet and storage professionals. This gives ACSP an opportunity to present the finished edition of the ACSP Planning Guide, which has been in the works for two years.

The ACSP Planning Guide was created to educate architects, builders, remodelers, residential designers and interior designers on how to prepare construction sites so that closet & storage professionals can come in and maximize their clients’ space. The guide does not show how to design closets.

The Table of Contents includes:
• Why choose a closet and storage professional
• Obstacles to avoid while planning or in early framing
• Storage Universal Design Strategies
• The 32mm system with closet profiles for architectural drawings
• Accessories & hardware available thru closet & storage professionals

The entire booklet and Powerpoint presentation explains why builders should not hire trim carpenters to build their closets but seek out their local closet and storage professionals. We divulge no hints on how we design storage spaces. The booklet explains how hiring us increases their bottom line (as well as closet owners).

ACSP will attempt to get the Planning Guide approved for continuing education credits by NAHB prior to the show and then proceed to AIA (American Institute of Architects) for approved presenter status.

Every builder, architect and interior designer is required to take continuing education units in order to renew their licenses (states have different requirements).

Can you imagine a world where architects and builders are beating a path to your door because the blueprints specify ACSP standards?

ASCP will be training and certifying interested ACSP members how to present this course to their local building professionals. For further information contact

Jeff Klein
ACSP Board Member
Chairman of Standards Committee

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