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CNC Software’s Mastercam X7 Router features a variety of capabilities, including new stock model improvements, Oscillate motion and Multi-Core support. CNC Software says the oscillating tool motion improves tool life by not always machining with the same area of the tool and is useful for trimming work. The Curve 5-axis and Swarf 5-axis toolpaths include the Oscillate option. Users can select linear (sharp direction changes) or high speed (smooth direction changes) motion as a tool moves through the toolpath. Additionally, 3D high speed Raster, Radial, and Spiral toolpaths now include multi-core processing to speed up toolpath regeneration, says the company. Raster, Waterline, Spiral, Radial, and Hybrid toolpaths in Mastercam X7 now offer a method for selecting surfaces that a tool motion should avoid. In Mastercam X7, the full suite of high speed toolpath parameters are available to refine the tool motion. Projecting points onto surfaces can create plunging motion to clear small areas in detailed parts. A common use of project is engraving created by projecting curves onto surfaces. Also, stock model now supports multi-core processing for all toolpaths plus the ability to select how finishing passes are created and Mastercam X7 Art is available to install as a 64-bit application.  

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