American Fabric Filter Co. offers dust collection solutions for all types of woodworkers, from hobbyists, to small commercial shops and large manufacturing plants. Its dust collection offerings range from single portable collectors to baghouse systems. The company’s technical staff help customers ensure proper fit, suggest the appropriate fabric for applications, and employ creative designs to provide high filtration of wood dust while maintaining long bag life. Cartridge and panel filters are available. (800) 367-3591, AmericanFabricFilter.com.

About American Fabric Filter Co.

At American Fabric Filter customer satisfaction is our goal. Our knowledgeable sales staff discusses each customer's application to ensure the most suitable choice of fabric as well as the proper fit of the replacement filter. From small, portable collectors to complete baghouse systems, our filters optimize the unit's vacuum and provide more efficient filtration of wood dust particles.

We pride ourselves on providing the same individualized filter technology for home hobbyists and smaller commercial shops as we do for our industrial customers.

AFF invites all woodworkers to learn how they can make their shop a cleaner and healthier place to work.

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