Upgraded software for CNC routing and wood carving

The new versions of Aspire 2.5 and VCarve Pro 5.5 are more powerful, flexible and easier to use for designing and CNC routing wooden projects. All Aspire customers receive version 2.5 as a free upgrade and VCarve Pro 5.5 is also a free upgrade for version 5.0 customers. A new interactive Scissor Trimming tool for quick, easy and precise vector editing has been added to Aspire 2.5 and VCarve Pro 5.5. Simply click to trim vectors at intersection points, and where appropriate shapes are automatically rejoined to create closed vector boundaries. CNC machines fitted with rotary 4 axis and indexer attachments will now benefit from the new Wrapped Rotary Axis Toolpath functionality in Aspire and VCarve Pro, which is perfect for designing and cutting spindles, fluted columns and barley twists. Unique ‘Gadgets’ for designing single and multiple twist rotary projects have been developed for laying out rotary axis projects. Toolpaths can be wrapped and viewed in the 3D window to show how the information will run on the CNC machine. Additional enhancements include, Rapid Plunge Gap that reduces toolpath machining times, new T-Bone Filleting tool for cutting flat sheet / flat pack projects, improved DXF import and export filters for better integration with other drawing and designs software, automatic 3D machining boundary calculation for simplifying 3D model machining. High quality project based training videos and materials that allow users to learn at their own pace are supplied for the software.

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