RG42/60 K XL Wood Waste Grinder

The RG42/60 K XL features a larger rotor diameter and taller feed ram. This combination dramatically improves the processing of bulky feedstock. With XL models throughput is increased on materials such as pallets, boxes, crates and other large-dimension waste products, as well as large volume dump and run applications.

The RG42/60 K XL is fed via a hopper mounted above the cutting chamber. The hopper has a 42-in. by 52-in. opening and a volume capacity of 3.1 cubic yards. The RG42/60 K XL’s 15-in.-diameter rotor has 27 cutting inserts, is powered by a 60-hp motor, turns at 120 rpms, and is fed by an oversized, two speed, hydraulic ram with “gripper teeth” to insure optimum processing of materials.

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