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Aspire, from Vectric Ltd., is a 3-D relief modeling and CNC machining software for designing and cutting a variety of carved decorative parts. Included are: panels and doors, swept flourishes and appliques, custom millwork, architectural mouldings, dimensional signage and more. A free trial version and training videos are available on the Web site.

About Vectric Ltd.

Vectric Ltd specializes in developing software products for CNC Routing, Wood Carving, Mill work and Engraving.

The Vectric software products are very easy to learn and use and are being used extensively in the CNC routing and Wood Working Industry.

The Vectric software products include,

Aspire for interactive 3D modeling and CNC machining + Production routing and carving.

VCarve Pro for high quality 2D / 2.5D professional CNC routing and carving.
PhotoVCarve for machining unique photographs into wood and plastic
Cut3D for automatic 3D CAD model machining
Cut2D for entry level 2D flat sheet machining

Visit - - to download the Free Trial versions of the software and test the quality by cutting samples on your own CNC machine.




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