Frost Free Cold Air Gun

Vortec, the Originator of vortex tube products, has introduced several new Cold Air Gun models for even more versatility in solving your spot cooling requirements. New models incorporate a unique concentric flexible delivery nozzle that eliminates condensation and frost build-up, so the product and your workplace stay dry. All of Vortec's new Frost Free Cold Air Gun models are temperature adjustable to allow the user to dial in the exact temperature desired-to as low as -30°F (-34°C). Cold Air Guns convert a supply of compressed air into cold, clean and dry low pressure air for numerous spot cooling applications including: cooling cutting tools in multiple metalworking operations; machining of plastics, composites and other critical materials; tool sharpening; cooling molds and molded components; cooling welds and solders; thermal cycle testing; setting hot melts; industrial sewing and textiles; etc. Cold Air Guns can eliminate the need for liquid coolants and mist coolants (MQL) in many machining applications and extend tool life and improve workpiece surface finish. Frost Free Cold Air Guns are now available in several cooling capacities and flow rates ranging from 400 BTUH and 8 scfm to 2500 BTUH and 35 scfm (101 kCal/hr and 226 slpm to 630 kCal/hr and 991 slpm). All Cold Air Gun Systems include a 5 micron automatic drain compressed air filter and mounting bracket and a magnetic mounting base for easy "machine to machine" portability. The 400 BTUH Mini Cold Air Gun includes a 3 axis positioning base for extreme flexibility in tight or difficult workspaces. All models available with a flexible dual outlet delivery nozzle. Cold Air Guns have no moving parts, require no maintenance and are extremely reliable. They meet OSHA noise level specifications.

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