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Oneida says its Dust Cobra is a new concept in dust collection. It is a hybrid cyclonic vacuum/dust collector that combines the benefits of both into one unit. The Dust Cobra works for high-pressure applications where dust collectors or standard vacuums do not work. The Dust Cobra has three times the air performance of most shop vacuums, according to the company.

The unit is suitable for woodworking tools with small dust ports (panel saws, routers, grinders, hand sanders, etc.) and general clean up of large volumes of fine particulate. The Dust Cobra has a hi-efficiency cyclone that pre-separates 99.9% before the filter eliminating premature filter clogging. The HEPA filter has near zero particle emission – 99.97% at 0.3 microns. The Dust Cobra runs on 110V, has a 12 gal. steel dust barrel, weighs 52 lbs. and is extremely portable.

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