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Vision Numeric offers RouterType screen-to-CNC software, with features for CNC router operators, such as: multi-sheet nesting, advanced cutting strategies (lead in/out, chain cutting, common line cutting, loops in corners, onion skin and more), cabinet file auto processing, gang drill support, Onsrud Cutter tool database, vector-to-CNC, inlay and more. The company says that RouterType is ideal for plastic routing, woodworking, sign making and other industrial applications.

About Vision Numeric

Type3, the artistic CAD/CAM software solution
for Embossing, 2.5D machining and 3D-relief milling challenges. Packed
with production-oriented Design & Machining features, Type3 users
outperform their competition thanks to A to Z tools. Artwork to vector, node
management, creation of 3D-relief, 2D and 3D texturing, Serialization, 2.5D
Sequence, cutting tool wizard, strong and accurate G-Codes production for any
CNC or Laser machine, Type3 is the unique multi-jobs-platform, has unique
Parametric technology enabling changes of existing files without the Undo/Redo



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