This comprehensive catalog from Northern Engineering and Mfg. Inc. includes a wide range of CNC equipment and supplies, including vacuum grid table fixturing, vacuum flat plate fixturing, tool setters, tooling and accessories, digitizers and software. The 88-page, full-color catalog profiles each range of tools, components and supplies that the Minnesota-based manufacturing firm offers. 763-856-2044,

About NEMI-Northern Engineering & Mfg. Inc.

NEMI strives to manufacture the most quality, user friendly products for CNC machines. NEMI has been manufacturing digitizers, tool setters, vacuum pods, vacuum tables, vacuum fixtures and software for many years. Our commitment to quality products has helped our users out-perform their old systems continually. We take pride in the products we make here in Minnesota and will continue to add new products based on our customer needs for increased production.




Phone: 763-856-2044


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