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Delcam has released a new version of its ArtCAM Pro CADCAM software for artistic applications in the sign making and woodworking industries. The new version includes: magic wand, which enables users to segment models or images into regions according to similarities in high relief or color; slice relief, for cutting a deep model into thinner slices; toolpath simulation to relief, to create a new relief layer for modeling or rendering using a toolpath simulation; drillbank toolpath, which allows users to drill at the center of each vector; and ArtCAM workflow, that enables users to work with multiple art files and 3-D models relating to a single project within one file.

About Autodesk ArtCAM

ArtCAM is a proven software solution for CNC routing, with extra functionality for woodworkers that want to add unique artistic design to their manufacturing. ArtCAM Express is designed specifically for the smaller business looking for an entry level program. ArtCAM insignia combines the ease of use of Express with 3D modeling and manufacturing tools for optimization. ArtCAM Pro provides a total 3D package, with unique modeling tools, combined with powerful yet simple machining technology

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