GreCon Spark Detection is designed to increase the safety of woodworking production. The product enables users to detect sparks and extinguish them before the filter, and to detect heat build up in silos, bag houses, and storage bins. Wood shops can reduce the risk of fire or dust explosions in dust collection systems as outlined in NFPA 69 and 664 standards. (503) 641-7731,
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About GreCon Inc.

Spark Detection and Extinguishing System - Quality Assurance Measuring Systems
Since 1911, Fagus-GreCon has created and applied innovative technology to maximize production. Our goal remains to assist our customers by providing technologically advanced equipment to ensure safer facilities, optimized production, and verifiable product quality to their customers. 
Headquartered in Alfeld, Germany, GreCon offers global service, the latest in research and development, and has distribution capabilities from regional companies and multiple agents around the world, including GreCon, Inc., the North American headquarters based in Tigard, Oregon.




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