Large-Area Vacuum Gripping System
November 13, 2013 | 10:44 am CST

Schmalz introduces the Large-Area Vacuum Gripping System FMP, designed to offer powerful, efficient handling in automated processes, says the company. It handles workpieces made of various materials, including wood, cardboard and plastics, in various shapes, dimensions and undefined positions. It also handles porous workpieces and workpieces with gaps.  It is used in the wood industry (FMP with sealing foam) to handle coated or unplaned workpieces such as boards, beams or panels. It is also used in packaging processes (FMP with suction pads) for automated palletizing and depalletizing. The FMP with sealing foam features a vacuum connector for external vacuum generation with a basic body made from an anodized aluminum extruded section and an insert element for flow optimization. The end cover with connections is designed for blow off and separation functions as well as an attachment point for the vacuum switch. Included is a gauge for monitoring the operating vacuum. A T-groove on the side is for attaching proximity sensors for workpiece recognition and cycle time optimization. Benefits include a compact and lightweight design with easy-to-replace sealing elements requiring minimal maintenance and downtimes plus fast placing of loads and short cycle times and optimal adaptation to customer specific requirements.

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