Lignomat has added new calibrations to its dual-depth meters. The new Ligno-Scanner SDM for the cabinet and furniture industry can now measure soft woods, hard woods, engineered panels, horizontal, vertical and strand bamboo as well as OSB, AdvanTech, plywood and other fiberboards. A qualitative scale for concrete moisture is also included. The Ligno-Scanner SDM also offers a dual-depth feature, measuring 3/4” or 1/4” deep. Applications include all wood products less than 3/4” thick. Different thicknesses of materials can be measured and the moisture distribution within the material can be pin-pointed by taking readings in the same spot at 1/4” and 3/4” deep.  Moisture levels in the top section of a board can be compared to moisture in the core of the board and many boards can be checked in a short time, says the manufacturer. Lignomat will be in Booth 3333 at IWF 2012.


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