Software Enhancements Include Optimized Toolpaths

New developments in Alphacam 2014 R2 include the ability to optimize 5-axis toolpaths to a specific machine configuration and a Part Modeler that has been enhanced to convert DXF and DWG 2D drawings into 3D models automatically. Using 2014 R2, operators can optimize 5-axis toolpaths to their specific machine configuration and rotational axis limits. As this is carried out at an operational level, says Alphacam, any changes to the toolpath data or machine configuration will be highlighted and the operation can be easily updated and re-optimized. The enhanced tooling Machine Angles are readily available as Element attributes for post processing and also driving the new simulator, says the company. The complete operation is analyzed against the user settings, and where required the toolpath will be automatically split into separate sections, with options to maintain Feed Down and Lead In/Out settings on the modified toolpaths. The Aphacam 2014 R2 includes a redesign of the Automatic Feature Extraction dialog with improved layout, images for each option and context sensitive help. Other new enhancements have been made to Clamps and Fixtures enabling more exact position and greater control against and enhancements to Nesting and the BTL Translator.

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