Herkules Equipment Corp. introduces the EnKon Systems Electric Belt Drive Scissor Lift Table that provides static positioning to +/- .01 inches. The electric belt drive lift offers precision control to +/- .06 inches (1.5 mm), which can be improved with an encoder, says the company. This system consists of a portable electric belt drive lift table integrated with a rail system, mounted on its top frame, to assist in the pick and place of parts in a large furnace. The lift system’s vertical travel speed is 1.7 inches per second with a 1300 lb. capacity. The lift’s triple belt design offers a high level safety factor, and requires very little maintenance, says the company, and is equipped with a flash resistant electrical plug for 110 voltage, a UL listed control package, and zinc plated components. EnKon Systems is the brand name for Herkules Equipment Corp.’s electric, hydraulic and air powered scissor lift table systems.

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