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Crows Nest is a software suite of project management, production scheduling, job costing ERP functionality that integrates with industry leading accounting programs such as Quick Books. Project management commences with auto employee task management, where tasks are automatically assigned to the appropriate employee with a formulized start and due-date. Tasks that have been completed can trigger the next task(s) which creates a chain-of-events. Crows Nest also includes management of labor, contacts, contracts, documents, invoices, approval submittals, change-orders, work order releases, purchase orders, inventory, shipping, production scheduling, RFI and RFQs, schedule of values invoicing, and more. Real-time job costing is based on labor and material costs captured and contrasted against budgeted cost to indicate trending profit or loss. Whereas traditional accounting software will only answer “How did we do,” Crows Nest Job Costing answers, “How are we doing?” Production Scheduling is easy and flexible with drag-and-drop maneuvering of work activities to different work cells, employees or dates along the calendar, offering production capacity and time-line driven work assignment visibility across the production facility or facilities, the company says. CN is secured by employee login with user IDs and passwords. Individuals can be granted/denied access to each portion of the suite. Crows Nest is very scalable with a user base that spans four employee shops to companies that exceed tens of millions in annual revenue.


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