Portable Welder With Cordless Option
April 10, 2015 | 2:48 pm CDT

DeWalt introduces its first Portable Stick and TIG Welder (DCW100K), which can be operated in cordless mode or plugged into a 20 Amp circuit or generator, says the company. The DCW100K has an internal lithium ion battery, which recharges while it is plugged in. The external 4.4 lb. 50 minute charger allows users to operate the welder remotely at any time, adds DeWalt.  The DCW100K welder weighs less than 25 pounds, making it easy to move around a job site. Applications include mechanical, fleet field or jobsite repair and install as well as stair or railing work. It features a 140 Amps Max Sgtick and a 150 Amps Max TIG. The unit has a digital display which indicates the amperage and control values, manipulated via adjustment dial, adds the company. Other displays include a Stick/TIG Welder Type Selector and a Hot Start/Soft Start setting which allows it to start easily an maintain a stable arc at low amperage, says DWalt. An Arc Force Dynamic setting increases the amperage, helping to prevent the weld pool from solidifying and a battery status bar shows the remaining charge.  The DCW100K includes a 13-ft. stick electrode lead as well as a 10-ft. grounding lead.

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