Pocket-Sized Video Inspection System

The new PalmScope (DCS950) from General Tools & Instruments is a full-featured pocket-sized video inspection system designed to work in harsh environments, making it suitable for woodworking plants and manufacturing facilities, says the company.  The PalmScope allows users to visually inspect hazardous or inaccessible areas without the need for disassembly or repositioning, including: inspecting machinery to assess and diagnose problems;  supporting routine equipment maintenance; reading hidden part, serial and model numbers and locating items that have fallen behind machinery or workbenches, adds General. The PalmScope is the size of a smartphone,  weighs about 1/2 lb. and comes with a nylon pouch and belt clip. Features include power on/off, brightness up, brightness down, video zoom and video flip. Zoom video up to 4X to spot problems, information or objects. The 2 ft. (0.6m) long probe with a 0.35 in. (9mm) diameter camera tip enables maneuvering in tight spaces. It’s water-, oil- and dust-proof to IP67 standard. The camera has a depth of field of 1 in. to 10 ft. (25mm to 3m) and a 60-degree field of view. The PalmScope's probe tip accessories include a 45-degree mirror, pickup hook, magnetic pickup and thread protector. It retails for under $150.

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