Non-Invasive Moisture Meter

Delmhorst’s Techscan is a pinless moisture meter specifically designed for restoration professionals, flooring installers and inspectors, and home inspectors, says the company. It can be used to find moisture in floors and walls by scanning the surface of large areas for a preliminary reading and then follow up with a pin-type meter to identify the specific problem, or as a stand-alone tool. The handheld, analog meter has an easy-to-read display. TechScan is easy to use in hard-to-reach places and will find hot-spots in walls and floors made of wood, drywall, concrete and other building materials, adds Delmhorst. The non-contact device is capable of high-resolution measurements to detect moisture by placing a one-piece sensor plate on a surface to measure an area of 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches. The electrode pad measures moisture up to 3/4” (1.9 cm) deep without damaging the sample. It features an intuitive user interface, wood species correction chart, color-coded reference scale for non-wood material, built-in calibration check to minimize false readings, and an internal battery check, says the company.  The hold function freezes the reading on the screen and an adjustable alarm alerts when a preselected moisture level has been reached.

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