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TradeSoft,Inc.has released ShopPAK version 4.3., featuring new time-saving features, saysthe company, and functions that enhance material management and project management. ShopPAK works in concert with ProjectPAK estimating, automating core operational  functions such as job costing, scheduling, material management, project management, purchasing, receiving, shipping, and billing. The new features include “on demand” material label printing, material mass change across selected work orders, job items or the entire job, ability to browse a purchase order that another user is editing, improved material usage and status reporting, better linkage between ProjectPAK library and ShopPAK material management functions, and better integration between different material oriented screens. Other new features include prevailing wage overrides, new supervisor security settings that make it easier to check subordinate labor punches, and expanded transmittal reporting, says TradeSoft.

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